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Meet our two paw babies and the inspiration behind our business - Kooper and Kai! Since we have had our dogs, play and exercise time has not always been easy. Kooper is our oldest and he is very relaxed and loving, while Kai is also sweet but very high energy. For most of their life we have lived in apartment style residences and have had to get creative with how and where to exercise them. Many pet parents may also relate to these factors that can get in the way of achieving that right amount of exercise for our dogs - such as no yard, not a fan of the dog park, or just a busy work schedule.  It is not always easy to provide daily exercise, and this can directly relate to unwanted behaviors you may notice like unwanted chewing, play biting, and excessive whining or barking.

Highspeed Paws is a mobile dog running service in the Tampa Bay area.

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